The Covert Avenue Chamber of Commerce was formed to incorporate the businesses along Covert Avenue to unite Stewart Manor and Floral Park.

Our goal is to unify the district by encouraging our residents to shop and use the valuable services our merchants provide. Each year we organize the “Street Fair” in an effort to have residents become familiar with Covert Avenue. Raffles are sold in all participating stores and offices to help defray the cost of this event. The winners of the raffles are given vouchers in the amount of $25.00 to be used at member stores as an incentive to familiarize them with local merchants. During the holiday season, we sponsor the Christmas Tree Lighting and this year we decorated Covert Avenue. The response from our residents and the Village Officials has been positive. In the past couple of years, we have successfully worked with both municipalities to upgrade our sidewalks and install new lighting. In the recent year we have participated in the beautification of Covert Avenue, moved some merchant parking meters from the front of our stores, added a parking spot, changed meters from 12 hours to 2 hours, hanging flower baskets, fall cornstalk decorations, wreaths for all our members’ storefronts, garland and lights on our light poles, new garbage cans, attend village meetings to bring merchants up to date on village items, supported merchants with any problems, and supported new businesses. We also have our town trustees and mayors attending our meetings and addressing merchant’s concerns and most of all continuing to keep Covert Avenue looking charming and inviting. All the work is done by our members on a volunteer basis, understanding how important it is to keep our business district vital and pleasing. The annual dues help defray the expenses to achieve our goals. Please consider becoming a member. It is important for our prosperity and growth. Always remember whether you work, live or both in Stewart Manor or Floral Park that this is our neighborhood. What we do as a Chamber or individual business reflects onto our street and throughout the community. Keeping our stores looking inviting and our avenue clean and charming will help keep our merchants vital.


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